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Active Steppers

At 3 Steps Early Learning, we developed an Active Steppers Program which focuses on laying the foundations for healthy movement for children 0 – 5and promoting an active lifestyle for them. The program is guided by the Munch & Move initiative – a NSW initiative that supports health development of children birth to five years of age. Our trained Munch & Move 3 Steps educators implement daily fun, play-based games that support healthy and physical activity habits in children.

Our outdoor space is specially designed to encourage physical activity and to provide active options for all children. This includes obstacle courses and other activities to cater for children at all developmental milestones.

What this Involves
The daily Active Steppers Program is designed around developing fundamental movement skills through both structured and unstructured play such as, throwing, catching, running, climbing and jumping. Our program involves working alongside professionals to attend on-site and engage the children in specialised sporting activities and games.

Active Steppers makes a real difference to children’s lives, encourages friendships, building relationships and growing a love for fitness.

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