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The 3 Steps Difference


3 Steps Early Learning has created a unique curriculum that incorporates all aspects of child development. Our Steppers-Curriculum consists of 8 domains, each with a focus on a different aspect of child development and learning. Each day, your child has the opportunity to develop each of these skills through innovative and unique learning experiences which are designed to maximize your child’s learning.

Our qualified educators allow your child to develop these skills in a fun, play-based environment. At 3 Steps Early Learning, you are fully involved in your child’s learning experiences throughout the day.

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At 3 Steps Early Learning, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in knowing that you won’t miss a minute of your child’s day, with regular updates sent to your phone or tablet, straight from our app, OWNA.

Helping you stay in touch throughout your day, our Smartphone app means you never miss out on those special moments. Quickly and easily manage your child’s time at 3 Steps, whether that’s communicating with your little one’s educator or reporting an absence. Families can communicate and stay in touch with your child’s learning outcomes and progress – as though you were standing right with them.

All The Information You Need In One Place!

OWNA collects all the stories that happen throughout the day of your child — so you no longer need to hunt for information to stay informed. It brings the incredible learning your children do to the screen, with photos and videos that reflect your child’s uniqueness.

The Stories You Really Care About

OWNA allows you to enjoy interactive and engaging stories, rich with photo galleries and videos.It’s an insight into your child’s day, real-time. All from one simple app.


We believe in enriching children’s learning and development by extending on our curriculum with specialist extracurricular activities. We have carefully selected activities that add value to your child’s educational journey, and enhance their time with us at 3 Steps Early Learning.

Fitness Program

Our Fitness Program provider draws on the fun of movement and dance, the creativity of music, and the joy of active play. Each week they deliver a new and exciting interactive themed adventure and all of our classes are specially designed to encourage participation, expression and social interaction. Children shine the most when they feel like they belong and classes create a non-competitive, safe, happy environment for all children to learn, laugh and grow.

Multi-Sport Program

Our Multi-Sport Program is an educational, interactive and fun program that encourages and motivates children to try new things and experience the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. The Program is coached by experts ranging from Exercise Physiologists, Human Movement Specialists, Personal trainers and Multi-sport Coaches. The program exposes your child to over 100 development orientated games and sports. At the end of the 10-week term, your child will receive a Gross Motor Development Report Card.

Junior Soccer

Our Junior Soccer provider specialises in running Soccer Fundamental Programs. Theywill teach your child to understand the rules of soccer and how teamwork feeds into to end goal. Trained coaches assist children to develop the physical and cognitive skills necessary to become a proficient player.Whether they are new to the game or well along, we will work at their level and pace to help them to become the best they can be.


We are committed to the well-being of our Little Steppers – and that starts with their nutrition. We believe healthy food, drinks and eating habits greatly impact the learning and growth of children.

At 3 Steps Early Learning, we provide fresh, nutritious, home-style meals for children every day. The early years in a child’s life are instrumental in developing positive, long-term eating habits. Exposing young children to a healthy, diverse diet not only gives them the best start in life, it helps secure their future health, development and wellbeing as they grow up. We use high-quality, fresh ingredients and a broad range of flavours and textures to create meals that meet the latest nutritional guidelines for children in care.

Catering To Every Child’s Requirements

Our food options mean you have total peace of mind. Food allergies, cultural concerns and many other special requirements are all safely catered for, without compromising on a fun and healthy mealtime experience!

Little Steppers Becoming Healthy Master Chefs

Our Healthy Steppers program is filled with engaging activities centred on herb gardens, vegetable gardens, eating what we grow from our own garden and regular cooking experiences. Discover more about our Healthy Steppers Program here!



Children at 3 Steps Early Learning Centre participate in activities that allow them to learn new skills and gain a greater understanding and awareness of the world around them. We carefully select incursions and excursions that benefit your children’s learning and development.

From visits to the local library and supermarkets to nature exploration and farm visits, our fun and engaging excursions have been designed to take your child’s learning outside of the classroom and into the wonderful world around us.

3 Steps Early Learning is within walking distance to attractions like Sedgewick Reserve (Currans Hill) and Centennial Park (Randwick). Both outdoor environments provide a beautiful natural environment for your children to enjoy as they learn and play.


Our children enjoy a number of carefully selected educational incursions throughout the year. These incursions complement our curriculum and extend on children’s classroom learning and interests.

Visits from the dentist teach our children important dental hygiene practices and promote a sense of health and wellbeing. Young children often have a strong interest in firefighters and fire engines, and we incorporate visits from the fire brigade into our incursion program, allowing children to learn important fire safety lessons and also feel a connection with their local community. Culture and diversity is an important part of our philosophy and curriculum, and we actively promote this with incursions that focus on cultural education. We value parent contribution into all of our educational programs, and therefore we actively encourage parent involvement in our incursion program.

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