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Active Steppers

At 3 Steps Early Learning, we developed an Active Steppers Program which focuses on laying the foundations for healthy movement for children 0 – 5and promoting an active lifestyle for them. The program is guided by the Munch & Move initiative – a NSW initiative that supports health development of children birth to five years of age. Our trained Munch & Move 3 Steps educators implement daily fun, play-based games that support healthy and physical activity habits in children.

Our outdoor space is specially designed to encourage physical activity and to provide active options for all children. This includes obstacle courses and other activities to cater for children at all developmental milestones.

What This Involves
The daily Active Steppers Program is designed around developing fundamental movement skills through both structured and unstructured play such as, throwing, catching, running, climbing and jumping. Our program involves working alongside professionals to attend on-site and engage the children in specialised sporting activities and games.

Active Steppers makes a real difference to children’s lives, encourages friendships, building relationships and growing a love for fitness.

Healthy Steppers

Our 10-week Healthy Steppers Program exposes children to healthy eating through a hands-on approach. Our Little Steppers are never too young to learn about good nutrition and cooking. Every lesson includes a simple and fun discussion about eating well and giving our bodies good fuel. We use cooking as a way to introduce new food to children. We let them try each ingredient and use this chance to teach them about which food is healthy for them and what it does for their body.

Curious Steppers

The Curious Steppers program engages children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We know that children are inquisitive and alive to the possibilities of learning. This is an important time for developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills, channeling their enthusiasm for scientific discovery. The Curious Steppers program sparks children’s curiosity and builds children’s thinking skills.

STEM learning provides many benefits for kids that they use every day. They learn how to apply their knowledge to solve problems that occur in their lives, like fixing a broken toy or figuring out how to build a perfect LEGO castle. They also learn about their environment, from pets at home to the plants in their backyard. An open-ended, curious approach encourages kids to think outside the box and collaborate to work toward a solution.

Empowered Steppers

Throughout your child’s time at 3 Steps Early Learning, they will develop an understanding of emotions and how to deal with their emotions in a constructive and safe way. Your child will be encouraged to express their emotions and feelings and also gauge with the emotions and feelings of others, with a view to recognising how different behaviours affect others around them.

Our Empowered Steppers program focuses on building social skills and independence before your child goes to school.

Cooperative play is strongly encouraged across all rooms, thus beginning the process of equipping your child with the social skills necessary to navigate all of life’s challenges. Through this your child will discover diversity, and recognise that each person is different and unique, yet equally special.

Creative Steppers

Creative Steppers understands how important creativity is for a child’s healthy mental development and should be encouraged at every opportunity. Creativity provides children with the opportunity to express their ideas and their feelings. Drawing and painting are incorporated daily across each of our rooms, and children are given free range in expressing their thoughts on canvas. It enables children to develop problem solving skills that will help them throughout their lifetime. Most importantly, creativity encourages children to discover who they are, to unleash hidden dreams and talents and to embrace their individuality. The true essence of creativity is much more than making something or writing something or painting something. Creativity involves ideas, interpretations and decisions that are part of a process that is as important as the result. Each day at 3 Steps is an exploration of the creative!

Sustainable Steppers

At 3 Steps Early Learning, sustainability forms part of everything that we do, from our disposal of waste to our incorporation of natural and recycled material for toys and learning.

Our children are encouraged to learn about sustainability practice through lessons about recycling and hygiene. Your child will discover about sustainability practices through their engagement with the natural environment, watching their educator’s model sustainable practices and engaging in discussions that explore solutions to environmental issues.

Expressive Steppers

We aim to nurture you child’s love of learning through a stimulating Literacy based program, Expressive Steppers. We believe the experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity. Our Expressive Steppers program is introduced to all children as we believe in providing a literacy rich environment for children as young as 6 weeks old.

Regular daily interactions, including reading, storytelling and singing, promote an enjoyment and love of language while also developing phonological awareness and concepts of print. As children engage with drawing, painting and mark-making they are developing their emergent writing skills and beginning to recognise symbols convey meaning. Our literacy rich environments include writing implements, books, signs, labels and posters for children to recognise print has differing purposes and to encourage children to both interpret and construct various forms of print.

Community Steppers

At 3 Steps Early Learning, we encourage family involvement. We value the ideas, skills and knowledge that all family and community members may have, and we encourage their contributions into our service. We promote an Open Door Policy where family and community members are invited to contribute to our daily centre programs and any special events that occur at the centre.

We welcome and value family input, input from the local community and continually get involved and support fundraisers. Our Community Steppers program engages children with the community and its surroundings. At 3 Steps, we believe the local community is one of our most valuable resources and in turn give back in any way we can.

School Readiness Program

The Early Years Learning Framework is an Australian Government initiative, to ensure your child receives high-quality education in the childcare setting. It underpins our curriculum and lies at the heart of everything we do at 3 Steps.

This program is aimed at the Navigators 3-5 age group and focuses on improving vocabulary, as well as numeracy, language and literacy including number and letter recognition, book handling skills and comprehension.

Children who graduate from 3 Steps Early Learning successfully start school with confidence and develop the foundations for lifelong learning. Our promise to you is that we will work with your child with love, passion and dedication to ensure they gain this advantage before they start big school.

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